Friday, October 8, 2010

Holey fitted sheets, Batman!

Ok, so I firmly believe that we should not be such a throw-away culture. Eight years ago, my husband and I upgraded to a king-sized bed, and would you believe that buying decent-quality bedding for it (2 sets of super soft all-cotton sheets and pillowcases, cotton thermal blanket, cotton quilt, and a primaloft comforter) cost almost as much as the bed itself?

So now, nearly a decade later, one of the fitted sheets is starting to wear out:

I'm not ready to turn the sheet into muslin material for sewing, or for a ghost costume for Halloween. It's just got this one (large) hole near our feet, but is otherwise in good condition. So, I'm going to patch the darned thing.

Yeah, I'm worried that it'll be uncomfortable, or that it's an exercise in futility, that the shredded area will grow. But it's worth a try, right? I'll keep you updated.

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