Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Philly Zoo Dress Rehab

So what do you do when a favorite dress gets a little too short?

I bought this dress for my daughter at the Philadelphia Zoo when she was 2 years old. There was no size listed on the tag, but it literally came down to her ankles. I liked it so much that I bought it for her anyway, but put it away until she was 4, and then she wore it all the time.

Until she was 7, when it had gotten so short, it barely covered her butt. Still fit around her OK, though. (Ankles to butt... how did that happen? It was like Kivi grew or something)

There was also a hole in the front, a few inches above the hem. Kivi still liked the dress and wanted to keep wearing it, despite the crazily short length.

So, I attacked the hem with a seam ripper, and let it down. Periwinkle is an amazingly difficult color to match, but Kivi and I found a batik that worked OK. I made a ruffle and attached it to the bottom of the dress:

I covered the hole with a matching patch, which gave it a nice deliberate look. Here's a closeup of the new work:

I actually like it that the old stitching, dye colors, and fold lines are still visible. They add texture and interest, and tell a story.

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