Friday, October 1, 2010

Kivi's 2010 Halloween Costume

Ok, so I know this is TOTALLY not a green topic, but I'm making McCalls M4953 Geisha/Kimono costume for Kivi this year:

I'm making the version on the right. Instead of gold, the fabric is a deep turquoise brocade with gold and black butterflies and flowers. The black parts of the costume (wide obi band, narrow trim along the neckline, and the black cord) will be black on our version too. And the black and white contrast band along the neckline will be a gold/bronze tapestry brocade. And the lining will be a blue, green, and yellow butterfly flannel print. (Hey, it's Minnesota. It's cold at Halloween!).

One point of contention is that Kivi wants me to dye her hair black for Halloween. I've absolutely refused. Even the "temporary" hair color will darken her hair for several weeks. I just can't cover up her naturally red hair color. The kid has the loveliest hair in the world, and to cover it up is just wrong. (Sigh....) If I can find some cheap spray on color that will wash right out, I might be persuaded to do that.

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