Monday, October 4, 2010

Life with cloth napkins and pet fur

So, how do you keep cat/dog/pet fur off your cloth napkins? don't. Not really. See the cat hair on the black background fabric below ? (And ironically, that's an actual cloth napkin, freshly laundered.)

But, there are things things that you can do to minimize it.

1. Laundry baskets: My cats love 'em. Laundry baskets with freshly laundered clothing? Forget it - they emit a siren call to my cats who make a beeline to ANY basket full of clean laundry. So don't put the clean napkins in your laundry baskets, well, ever.

2. Laundry hampers: My cats love those, too. Not as much perhaps, because they are taller, but once they get full of dirty clothes, I find cats in them regularly. Having cat hair on dirty clothes isn't as big an issue, but the washer and dryer don't remove all cat fur from our clothes, alas. So my dirty napkins don't go there, either.

3. Which brings us to where to store your napkins. When they are dirty, they go into their own little (ie, too small for the cats to curl up in) hamper in the kitchen. It's nestled into a corner behind the buffet, and is a little black mesh trash can:

4. When I'm running low on napkins, I take the dirty ones to the laundry room, and add them to the next colorful load of laundry (which is why this isn't a perfect system - pet fur cross-contamination! But, I would rather be green, so I deal with it).

5. Clean napkins go directly from the dryer into a stack:

5. And from the stack, they go into a napkin holder of some sort:

Not ideal, but it works reasonably well.

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